Brief: Tell the Stor of JOOLZ’s recycled bottle programme, and how they uses them in their two new pram series.

Idea: thank parents for their plastic bottle usage during desperate moments

“We all try our best when it comes to the environment, and we know that sometime we’re put in situations where we must make a hard choice, especially as parents, the road is full of them. Sometimes the easiest choice can be an unsustainable one, such as picking up a single-use plastic bottle instead of spending time investing and recleaning reusable alternatives. Not all parents can take on those extra jobs, so instead of shaming those parents, we want to let them know it’s not the end of the world if you use a plastic bottle. After all, we’ve found the perfect solution to the issue!”

I wanted to create a campaign that alleviates guilt with a bit of shock value.

Irish creative, based in Rotterdam, NL.